A little bit about the Offroading with Luke & Eddie™ Family

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A little more fun loivin and carefree than Eddie. He knows
things always work their way out but sometimes you gotta help them along.


He was born on a Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Big Sky
Country and that probably explains his love for fishin, muddin and the great outdoors. He was raised up right but lives by work hard/play hard and that sometimes get him in a little trouble.

He loves his TJ and most of the time you can find him riding
around with the top and doors off covered in mud crankin Skynyrd. There ain’t nowhere his Jeep can’t go (or so he thinks).

Now don’t be surprised if when you first meet Luke he’s a
little quiet. Alls he is doin is sizing you up to see how far he can go. Once he knows it will be nothing but a good time. Talk about offroadin and offer him a cold one and you got a friend for life.

Luke and Eddie have been friends for a long time and when
one falls down the other is there to pick him up. That’s when you know you got a good friend.

Now come on and hang out with Luke & Eddie™ and see what they get into next. Share your adventures, pics and videos. If it has to do with Muddin, Rock Crawlin, Trail Blazin, or going Topless Luke & Eddie™
want to know about it.


You never know where you might see these guys so keep your eyes open, go topless and let the mud fly.


Eddie is the younger of the two, laid back and always up for a good time.  Having spent half of his life serving his country, he is now retired and ready to live life to the fullest.  He can fix just about anything you throw his way and if not, he will figure out a way to make it work.

Eddie was born and raised on the Maryland’s Eastern Shore and loves everything about it… the way of life, the people  and the small towns type atmosphere.  He loves hunting and hunts as much as he can.  You name it, Eddie hunts it… Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl… and is one heck of a cook with it too.  If you say you don’t like wild game, you will totally change your mind after tastin some of Eddie’s creations.

Eddie loves his JKU.  Even though a lot of people laugh and call it his “Mall Crawler”, he will take his Jeep pretty much anywhere and everywhere, including the mud.  Heck, he’ll even take it to the Mall covered in mud.  All while jamming to his all time favorite Jimmy Buffett.

If he’s not workin on his Jeep or tinkering with something else fun like golf carts or ATVs,  you can find him at home sittin on his deck, drinkin beer, listenin to music and watchin the sun go down.

He is a people person.  He loves meeting new people, especially the Jeep kind, and if he don’t know you yet, he’ll talk to you like he’s talking to someone he’s known his whole life.  He loves talking everything Jeep, from mechanical to mods, Eddie knows his stuff.  And buy him a beer, you might not ever get him to stop talkin.